Being thrifty + Capability and application –

Gear is the first thing that comes to mind, but these two words can cover a vast spectrum of the preparedness world. The tactical business is pumping out new products that people can’t seem to see the forest for the trees. I’m a recovering gear addict, there, I said it. And as such whenever I see a new shiny thing hit the market and all the cool kids are jumping on it like a Tamagotchi in 1995. The newest thing to catch my eye is aftermarket slide modification for Glock’s. Nothing like taking the old blaster for a tune up and making some mods… until I saw the price tag. To upgrade you’re looking at 1200$+, and you have to send in your blaster for up to 6 weeks +. I had to stop the inner 12-year-old in me and say those two little words…


Capability and application


Which modifications out of this entire pistol package are going to increase the pistols capabilities and have the most effect on how its performance. It seemed that a trigger upgrade, mag well base plate for faster reloads, and better sights would be the best options for increasing accuracy and speed all around for the lowest price. These three upgrades would increase both capability and application for a fraction of the overall cost, and I could do them myself.


I did my research, but I didn’t jump on the laptop and start unloading the credit card. I’m a firm believer if you wait a little bit and search around that usually a good deal will come your way.


Enter; this is the craigslist of the US gun world. Like craigslist your one gun away from being scammed or suckered, so like your grandpa used to say, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. But, every so often a deal comes by that is too good to pass up.

So, I shoot him an email asking how much all the magazines plus the phlster holster because I’ve heard good things. He hits me back saying 160$ which is half the retail. So, I’m think, sold! He then also replies with this.

It just turned into one of those deals, and he threw in a for Ghost EVO Elite trigger connector for free when I got there.   For 260$ I received about 600$ worth of gear not including what shipping and taxes would have cost me.


Am I saying this to gloat, not at all. I’m saying this because you never know what deals are going to pop up, so it’s good to have to go to resources to check to find that “once a year” deal. Before I buy anything, I stop a give myself at least a month to see if a sale or someone is selling one for cheaper. When it comes to items over 500$, I’ll sometimes wait up to a year to wait out a solid year. It's also good to have a list of what necessary and items that aren't crucial.


Remember, being thrifty isn’t the same as being cheap. Being cheap is buying a knockoff brand from China and being pissed off when it doesn’t perform as well as its American made counterpart. Thrifty, is paying less for an item that performs as well as it should. Improving capability and application.


Remember when looking at gear ask is this the new hotness/trend? Or does it truly add value to my setup? If so, where could I purchase this at a lower cost?

So make your list and check your sites regularly.

Favorite sites for good deals:

Various forums and Facebook groups will have group sales.


Now get out and get training.