What is every day carry?

Everyday Carry - Mindset begins before you walk out the door

Everyday Carry (commonly known throughout the preparedness community as E.D.C.) is the items you have on you at all times. I see a lot of E.D.C. pictures and videos with expensive (and appearing unused) pistols, pristine 100$+ knives, and a whole multitude of other gear in perfect condition. A lot take it even further classifying bags full of gear as every day carry. 

The philosophy I follow is that if you’re at work or away from home and it isn’t in your possession at all times, then it’s not every day carry. A perfect example is in an office setting if you go to use the restroom and a fire alarm goes off are those items with you?

95% of the time if I’m out of the house somewhere I will have these items unless I’m going somewhere that prevents me from carrying some of them.

My EDC list:
•    Money clip aka “my wallet” – Includes an ID, Driver’s License, Concealed Carry Permit, Credit Card, and cash. (Always have cash)
•    Pen – Whatever your preference is
•    Small Pocket Notepad – To do lists, Ideas, Notes, etc. Before cellphones every successful person I knew carried one of these. Jefferson, Hemingway, Picasso, etc. Field Notes notebooks, Moleskine, and plenty of others out there. 
•    Knife – I used to carry a Benchmade or Emerson but I would either lose them, mess them up with everyday tasks, or get them confiscated by TSA because I forgot I had them on me. I now carry some generic knife I bought from amazon for 10$ five months ago. It has both a window punch and a seatbelt cutter. These two lifesaving tools that can be used in self-rescue or in rescuing someone else in an emergency. Out of the box its wicked sharp and use it all the time now. Five months of use probably every day and it still has an edge.
•    Cellphone- Iphone 6s
•    Keys – House keys, bike lock key, gym pass, and a SOG Crosscut. As a student now, the crosscut has come in handy all the time. Mostly the scissors but I used every tool in a pinch. Might switch over to a leatherman squirt eventually to have pliers on hand. All held together by a small black clip.
•    Pistol and extra magazine- Usually my Glock 19 or Ruger LCP if what I’m wearing will not conceal the Glock 19. I do not recommend this unless you have a concealed carry permit (sounds obvious but I know people who carry and don’t) and regularly train with the pistol you carry. Training meaning in both shooting and defending yourself (two different things). A lot of CCW training works on the shooting aspect but not on what happens if someone grabs the pistol, or the fight goes to the ground. What most people don’t realize is that pulling a pistol in an altercation means that your life is threatened and it’s kill or be killed. They aren’t prepared to pull the trigger, and the aggressor ends up taking the pistol. Usually resulting in them being shot and killed. Skill always beat gear so always be training for the fight.

REMEMBER – Nothing on your person is worth losing your life over. I would happily give someone my wallet and phone to avoid a confrontation involving a shootout. Unless you carry over $10,000 in cash on you and want to get tied up in court for years plus paying lawyer fees. Or just flat out losing your life.

•    Sunglasses – Rule #1 always look cool
•    A lighter – Bottle opener and having a way to always start a fire is a tenet of survival. 

That’s it for my E.D.C., and I use this stuff all the time. The lighter is probably the only exception to the rule because I don’t smoke. But it has come in handy often enough to have it there.

As you can see most of my stuff is used looking because it is.

Adapting is all about having the items you need in day to day life but to also assist you in any situation or to survive. Eliminate that which is unnecessary, and all you have left are your essentials.

Until next time,


My Everyday Carry